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Canadian real estate investing is not terribly unique. To be honest it is the same here as most places. You know research is crucial. Networking is vital. Follow up and through on lessons learned is the only way to get ahead. This is how investing is done all over the world. This is what we presumed. We set out to learn more about the Canada’s investment marketplace. Learn how to be a successful real estate investor in this marketplace. The very first thing we had to do was to flush out our preconceived notions of the Canadian marketplace.

Didn’t Give Canadian Real Estate Investing a Chance to be Honest:

As an arrogant American, we appear to be created that manner, I have never even considered Canada as an investing chance even though it’s just north of us. Heck, I was raised in Michigan next to Canada, Windsor Canada is just over the bridge and we never even considered it. Thinking of investing in a different country is not at all something that beginners or even seasoned investors matter about in this day and age. We have enough challenges on our mind already. However, you never understand, with just a little research, risk aversion and networking connections there are probably a ton of wonderful investment opportunities in Canada as compared to the real estate marketplace in the United States.

Americans Can Not Get Over the High Taxes:

Because Canada really appears to care for their citizens by providing basic social services like health care and education through faculty, the taxes are a bit higher than we’re use to in America. And for this reason, I think that Canadian investing is considered to be out of the budget or even reason for most Americans. This page has more in-depth material on Eddie Yan. However if individuals in The United States, even in Canada, are made aware that these investments in the folks are something that makes the marketplace protected, then they may be more receptive. When folks do not have to pay for these things on their own or pay the high costs created by the insurance companies, then they’re at less risk of losing everything and not able to make rent and mortgage payments. We believe that they higher taxes are balanced out by these scenarios and makes this a better marketplace to invest in for the future. We will tell folks about the Canadian market. We want individuals to think about investing in the country to the north. Rental real estate investors understand that there are opportunities in the Canadian real estate investing marketplace for them. It is likely this will not occur over night. Nothing worth doing ever is done instantaneously. Our preliminary studies have indicated this may be a huge ruling for those that decide to jump and go for it!

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